These Childhood Friends Created a $100 Million Brand by Putting Frozen Greek Yogurt on a Stick

“We had to go out and figure out how do you actually freeze Greek yogurt and make it taste like ice cream,” Klane said. “If you stick a cup of Greek yogurt in the freezer, it becomes an ice cube. The texture will be hard as a rock. So there was a lot of things we had to do.”

Although Harrington and Klane both had experience with business — he co-founded a company that created an inflatable beer pong product called Poolside Pong, and she worked for her father’s food brokerage firm — one thing became clear right away: they were not food scientists and didn’t have the skills required to realize their vision.

“In the early days we tried to make it on our own, and it tasted horrible,” Harrington said. “We sampled friends and family, and they were polite enough to tell us how bad it tasted. We knew at that point we couldn’t do this on our own.”

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